Monday, April 9, 2012

Lucy Clothes 10

Three more pages for Lucy doll.  First page has: skirt, tube top,  belt, boots with cutouts, shirt with drape, fancy military jacket, prince charming inspired jacket, boots with straps, wool jacket, shirt with overlap and button, shorts that look like a skirt, neckerchief, strapless dress, and shirt with a cut out neckline.  Second page shows: tank top with bow,  shoulder neckline top, sunflowers for hair, locket necklace, princess dress, top with edging, skirt with ruffles, top with bow, shirt with lace, short skirt belt, shoes with bows, and pigtails for hair.  Last page has: devil horns for hair, angel wings for hair, skirt with slits, tight strapless dress, layered dress, two belts, hood, sweater, dress with bow, cape, and another belt.

Description:3 pages of clothing for Lucy
Name: Lucy  Date: 2008  Publisher: N/A
Artist: Me! Melissa Smith aka MissMissy
Format: hand drawn paper doll

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