Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lucy Clothes 6

Expanded wardrobe options for Lucy.  First page: neko ears, button long sleeve bolero, cut out shoulder shirt, long ripped skirt, halter top, bag, fishnet top, two pairs of gloves, hair clips, carpi pants with belt, sweatpants, sweater, feathers for hair, feather fan, sandals, sailor hat,  zipper top, zipper carpi, and a bow for hair.  Second page has: long skirt, moons for hair, cross necklace, chaps, jumpsuit, roller skates, butterflies for hair, umbrella, ruched top, and a dress.  The last page has: bells for hair, Kill Bill inspired suit, crown, lace up pants, lace up fingerless gloves, lace up skirt, belt, sash, lace up top, lace up carpi, long sleeve dress, sash for hair, shorts, hat, pearl choker, and sash belt with coins.

Description: 3 Pages of Clothing for Lucy Base Doll
Name: Lucy  Date: 2008  Publisher: None
Arist: Me! Melissa Smith aka MissMissy
Format: hand drawn paper doll

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