Friday, August 3, 2012

Novi Stars (not paper dolls) rant

Ok, so I'm going to rant a little.  Novi Stars is a new toy line by MGA.  I was really looking forward to this line when I came across some sneak peek pics on the internet.  I recently saw them in stores.  Total disappointment! They don't move... Ok the arms move, but that's about it.  also they are really tiny (about 6 inches from what I hear) and they each do something different (one talks, one smells, one lights up/glows, and one has glitter in it) but the effects were lacking.  My biggest complaint was the price. Twenty dollars (more on the internet) for these dolls that just stand there and look cool.  I could get a fully articulate monster high doll or Moxie Teenz for that.  My point I guess is take out the lame gimmick, the design is spot on, (although I wish they were slightly more versatile) and make the doll cheaper.  I want one, but I'm going to wait until the line is on clearance, which might not take too long.  The Novi Stars also have fashion packs available but nothing impressive and 'secret pets' which I could not care less about.  Their pets are all a bit silly (and also don't do anything).

Rant over, too many parenthesis.  Pictures of the cute but way overpriced non-moving dolls.

Website but takes a while to load.

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