Friday, November 9, 2012

Russian Tinkerbell

Here's a set I found on ebay that I thought was pretty cute.  I wasn't always the biggest fan of Tinkerbell but I do enjoy the newer movies that Disney has produced.    I like how she stole Tiana outfit from the Princess and the Frog in this set.

Description:Russian fairy paper doll
Name: Tinkerbell Date: 2000s Publisher: Russian?
Format:staple book with at least 6 pages
Condition: Unused

Ratings: Out of 10
Base:  8.5 looks like the modern Tinkerbell
Clothing: 8.5 some very cute and creative fairy costumes
Accessories: 7 some hats and purses, a little silly in style
Cover: 7 the castle is a little out of place
Color: 7 could use a little less green
Shading/Texture: 7.5 paper is a little shiny but the photo like clothing is cute
Overall: 7.6 of 10

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