Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mystery Item

So here is a mystery to solve.  I do not have the doll to this set, just a drawing cut from the front or back cover.  There are three long dresses and 3 short gowns.  I assume the set is Spanish themed based on the drawing I do have.  If anyone has more info about this set or the doll that goes with it please let me know.

With help from Sally I was able to identify most of these items!  The set is from Miss Hollywood.  The pink and blue dress are from a different set Bridal Party Box set.  the green dress is still a mystery.


  1. The Spanish looking clothes are from
    the Miss Hollywood set and the pink and
    blue dresses in the first scan come from
    the Bridal Party 5 Stand up dolls from the
    1950's which is a boxed set with a yellow
    lid. The green dress I am not sure about.