Monday, January 20, 2014

Mary Popppins

Here is a set of Mary Poppins, cut from a Goodwill lot find.  It includes 4 dolls and may be missing items. This set is from Whitman.  There are other paper doll sets featuring Mary Poppins.


  1. Thank you for sharing this set. It is one that I had
    as a child and I am very pleased to see it again.


  2. Are these on super slick paper? When I was little, I received the "Mary Poppins Magic Carpet Bag" for Christmas. It was full of Poppins related arts and crafts -- coloring book pages and I can't remember what all else -- but had an outstanding set of paper dolls that you cut out with NO TABS!! You rubbed the glossy surface of the clothes against the glossy surface on the doll and VOILA!! They stuck together with static electricity!!

    1. These do have tabs, I think it's different from the Magic set. Magic sets usually have thicker sturdier dolls as well but these may be the same dolls and fashions used for the magic sets, sometimes things were reused in different editions