Saturday, February 15, 2014

Japanese Magic Tree House Paper dolls

Kyōryū no tani no daibōken

Hawai, densetsu no ōtsunami

Taitanikku-Gō no higeki
These paper dolls are from the Japanese editions of the Magic Tree House books written by Mary Pope.  The first one is from "Kyōryū no tani no daibōken", which translate to "Dinosaurs before dark" and also includes the story "The knight at Dawn".  Each Japanese book has two stories in the book and the paper dolls have an outfit for each story. The second doll is from "Hawai, densetsu no ōtsunami" and includes the stories "High tide in Hawaii" and "Thanksgiving on Thursday".  The last scan is from the book "Taitanikku-Gō no higeki" which is the book "Tonight on the Titanic" and includes the story "Buffalo before breakfast".  These books were published by Tōkyō : Media Fakutorī in the 2000s.  There are more books in the series and I would assume each volume includes a paper doll of each character and two stories.  The characters are the brother and sister from the story; Annie and Jack.  I do not believe any of the English versions of the Magic Tree House book series includes a paper doll.  I checked these three books out from my local library and they have some tape over the paper dolls.  I did not try to remove this tape because these are not my books.

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