Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lalaloopsy Request

Pix E Flutters for 'crafty stuff'

request for KittenAdoption101

Request for Mandi Sales (Megan Big Heart)
For those who requested lalaloopsy designs, here they are.  I will NOT be taking any more request (lalaloopsy related or other) at this time.  I have several projects I am working on and a list of ones I want to start. Lalaloopsy is owned by MGA. Creeper (second request shirt) is from Minecraft. All art was drawn by me using Adobe Photoshop CS5.

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  1. Melissa Smith, you need Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers themed lalaloopsy like Jason Lee Scott (sewn from Jason's Clothes/Boy/Sneakers/Red T-Shirt and Jeans/Pet: T-Rex), Zack Taylor (sewn from Zack's Clothes/Shoes/Boy/Black Tank Top and Jean Shorts/Pet: Black Lion), Billy Cranston (sewn from Billy's Clothes/Boy/Glasses, Blue Shirt and Overalls/No Shoes/Pet: Blue Triceritops), Trini Kwan (sewn from Trini's Clothes/Girl/Yellow Sneakers/Yellow Cropped T-Shirt and Jean Shorts/Pet: Saber-Toothed Tiger), Aisha Campbell (sewn from Aisha's Clothes/Girl/Yellow Sneakers/Yellow Cropped T-Shirt and Jeans/Pet: Yellow Bear), Katherine Hillard (sewn from Kat's Clothes/Girl/Mary Jane Shoes/Pink Cropped T-Shirt and Jeans/Pet: Pink Crane), Rocky DeSantos (sewn from Rocky's Clothes/Boy/Red Sneakers/Red T-Shirt and Jean Shorts/Pet: Red Ape), Adam Park (sewn from Adams Clothes/Boy/Black Sneakers/Black T-Shirt and Jeans/Pet: Black Frog) and Kimberly Ann Hart (sewn from Kimberly's Clothes/Mary Jane Shoes/Girl/Pink T-Shirt and White Overalls/Pet: Ptyrodactal)