Saturday, October 4, 2014

Progress Update

I've begun editing old post as well as organizing computer files and preparing to move.  Once I am moved into a new house, I plan on scanning a large amount of larger paper doll items including some Dress-O-Graphs, uncut sets, and many more.  I am trying to put my blog on paper dolls that have more then two pages so that if an image ends up somewhere else, the person can go to the blog and find the rest of the set.  I've update my Terms and Conditions slightly.  I am working on a paper doll for Halloween as well.  I hope to keep up the blog as much as possible but activity will be slowing down.

Here is a single page newspaper doll to enjoy.

Description newspaper doll
Name: Jane Arden's Wardobe

This doll scanned in very crooked.  She has 4 outfits including a swimsuit?  The paper is yellowed and fragile from age.  This is a full comic page but only the paper doll has been scanned.

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