Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Contest Entry Winner

Congratulations to Yvonne "Evie" Fullingim!  She has won the paper doll coloring contest.  As her prize, her colored doll is posted here!  She also received a colored version of this doll as done by me and an exclusive paper doll.  She will also receive a paper doll request.

Thanks to all whom participated in the conest:

Amore Marin
Maddie Johnson
Anna Johnson
Emma Bowing

These girls will receive a black and white extra page of clothing for this doll to color.


  1. thank you for posting my version of your cute designs.

  2. I would've said Yvonne was lucky, but seeing her colored work now, I understand why she is more than deserving to have won the prize. The colors she splashed on your original artwork helped bring the doll and its clothes to life. I can only congratulate her for a job well done. I hope to see you host more contests like this, Melissa. Kudos!

    Lucius Cambell @ Skild