Monday, February 2, 2015

OPDAG Issue 20 and 20A

John Axe

Audray Kaiser

S Kleindinst
Brenda Sneathen, Lou Rathejen, and Sandra Vanderpool

Robin Roderick

Jeanne Hopf, Alyse Newman, S Kleindinst

Susanne Ring

Janie Barrett

Brenda Sheather?

Judy M Johnson
Here is the 20th Issue of OPDAG from May 1989 Featuring "Woman in the Home" Theme. I did not scan very many pages from this issue because my copy is in a fragile state and seems like the staples are ready to pull out. I've also included some page scans from Issue 20-A Which was for the Paper Doll Convention June 1989 and took place in Atlanta.  All pages are in black and white.  Not all pages are shown here.  I do not know if you had to attend the convention to receive the 20-A Issue.

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  1. I love these old issues of OPDAG magazine that you post. The black and white paper dolls are beautiful.