Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cedar Wood Doll Repaint Attempt 1

Dolls Original Face

Remove Paint with Acetone (Nail Polish Remover)

Lips with pastel

eyebrow attempt (will change later) and pastel blush
eye attempt 1 acyrlic paint

eye attempt 2 watercolor pencil

clean up and adjustments

Final outcome
I recently purchased a Cedar Wood doll with the intent of trying my hand at repainting.  I loved Cedar's wood texture and hair but hated her face.  First step is removing the factory paint with acetone.  Then I expieremented with pastels for lips and cheeks.  I tried using acyrlic paint for the eyes but found it sorta gooby and hard to smooth out the brush strokes.  I removed the paint and used water color pencil instead.  This is my first attempt at repainting.  I think I've learned a few things.  For example, I found it easier to work on one eye, then switch to the other eye, then go back to the first for layering rather then trying to do both at once.  I have not sealed the doll so I may strip the paint and try again for a better result.  The photos are not the best because I used my camera phone.

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