Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Idea

hello all. Easter is just around the corner.  Here's a cute idea.  Hide paper dolls!  These medium plastic eggs fit Polly Pocket perfectly. Find Polly here
You can use bigger eggs for bigger sets or try shrinking them down.  Also, if the doll doesn't fit but the clothing does, then give the base doll as a reward for finding the clothing or at the begging as a challenge to find the outfits.  I put a few outfits in each egg (about three) but if you have more eggs you can do a single outfit in each.  Hope everyone has a Happy Easter.  My color version of the Easter doll will be up soon.


  1. How cute is this idea! Reduces the calorie counts and sugar rushing through kids for hours... Easter and Halloween usually has them bouncing off the walls for a month. May suggest something similar for the church hunt next year.

  2. Last year was the first time I planned an Easter party and while searching for things, got to know about lot of planning ideas and food menu. This year, again will be planning a similar party at venues in NYC and very excited for that.