Friday, June 23, 2017

Misty Mysterious

Here is another Lalaloopsy paper doll designed by me using Adobe Illustrator.  She was created by MGA.  Misty is a magician themed doll who was sewn on March 24th, (Harry Houdini's Birthday).  Misty has 3 pairs of shoes, 3 tops, 3 skirts, a dress and 3 hair accessories along with her pet bunny rabbit and 2 magic wands.


  1. Would you be opposed to me coding a dress-up style game using your lalaloopsy paper doll sets as the sprites?

    I obviously would not be gaining any sort of monetary gain from it, and even if I did, I would split it with you. It's just for fun though, so I seriously doubt it would ever come to that.

    Let me know. Thanks

    1. I've pondered turning my lalaloopsy dolls into some sort of dress up/doll maker but I would prefer to do the coding myself. Thanks for the offer.

  2. I love it!! I printed this & is so beautiful! Pleasse I need al the characters!! Plz, Plz!!