Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New Dressing Dolls

I don't know much about these two dolls. They appear very similar to Samuel Gabriel Sons My dolly Series but aren't quite the same.  The most notable difference is the doll has bows on her dress. Also I believe these are much smaller These are also marked "Comfort" Augusta, ME and may have been used for advertisement.   I have 2 dolls, (the boy is pretty beat up) along with 2 envelopes.  The boy only has one blue outfit with a hat, (uncut) and the girl has 3 outfits, 1 green 1 pink, and 1 blue.  I have 3 matching hats, and 1 extra pink which suggest there was another pink outfit.  i found this auction picture, that seems to be similar and mentions the envelope as well

If anyone has additional information, please let me know.

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  1. These paper dolls came from the Comfort Magazine. Information below.

    Comfort Magazine
    Another of the Augusta, Maine, cheaply printed magazines aimed at rural housewives, essentially advertising flyers with enough content to satisfy the postal authorities. Reproduction quality on newsprint was never good, and surviving copies are uniformly faded ink on browned paper.

    Inside, billed as “art” there was a paper doll and other games for children.

    A popular monthly farm magazine, called Comfort Magazine was published by William Howard Gannett of Augusta, Maine, between 1888 and 1942.

    Considering the quality of the paper in this magazine you are lucky to have a paper doll that has survived and would explain why they are rare.

    Regards Sally