Friday, February 23, 2018

Paper Doll Collaberation 2018 February Date Night

 The theme for the month of February was date night, inspired by Valentine's Day.  The first dress is based on a real dress that of course I can't find a picture of now.  The other dress I imagine in a blush/pink or maybe champagne color and is inspired by vintage lace dresses.  I don't actually dress up to go on a date but I've always liked the idea of wearing something fancy to go out to dinner.  I created  a pair of shoes to go with the short dress and a little hair heart.  Also a box of chocolates, of course, my favorite Valentine's gift!



  1. Everyone went with ruffles except me! The box of chocolates is very cute.

  2. Beautiful! Thank you! Love the chocolates! :-)

  3. Love the long sleeve gloves as they add that touch of Jackie O elegance. I agree with Julie that the box of chocolates is a cute addition to carry off the theme.

  4. The box of chocolates is super cute and I love the wig. Very formal dates.