Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Inktober 28 29 30

Inktober is just about over. Can't believe it's HALLOWEEN!  Day 28 theme was mermaid.  I tried to make it different from the sea nymph I made for the mythical creature theme.  I tried to create some mix and match options and also did a scallop mermaid gown (pain to draw). Day 29 was zombies, so lots of torn clothing and blood stains.  Again, focused on mix and match features.  Day 30 was vampire.  I kept drawing spider webs for some reason...  Mix and match tops and bottoms along with a blood stained dress.  Today is a mystery/free theme.  Can you guess what I'm doing? It will be posted sometime tomorrow or Friday.

My prompt list for the month can be found here.

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