Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter Cards

To my wife in your Easter bonnet

You'll knock 'em all dead, honey! Happy Easter

Buzza Cardozo Heart to Heart cards

Happy Easter Brother

In case it isn't clear to you,
Or settled in your mind,
I'm writing Happy Easter to
the best egg I could find.
Happy easter

Wishing a Great Big Happy Easter

For a Mighty sweet Little Girl!

Heart to Heart Buzza Cardozo

Happy Easter to a Fine Son

For many loving wishes,
for a certain little son,
to hope that Easter's
going to be
his very nicest one.

Ambassador Cards

Happy Easter Granddaddy

it's time for colored eggs
And Easter bunnies too
And that's the time to say
Happy Easter to You!

Buzza  Cardozo Heart to Heart cards

Happy Easter Son

It's fun to hunt for
colored eggs
and fine them one by one
but you wont' need
to hunt for this-
a Happy Easter

A volland Card (this card is flocked!)

Happy Easter Son

To a very
Dear Son
This card comes today
To wish heaps of joy
for his Easter Day!

Wishing Well Grettings

To Greet a Dear Daughter at Easter

"Then Said Jesus unto them. Be not afraid" Mathew 28:10
If all the loving wishes Dear,
For Easter and all other days,
Come true, your heart would overflow,
with joy and happiness always

Wishing Well Grettings

Happy Easter Auntie

To a very nice Auntie
on Easter Day
this little greeting
comes to say
A Happy Easter
just for you
and a wonderful time
all the day through!

Happy Easter to a nice Cousin

Hope your Easter's happy
as a little bird's song
Cause your such
a Nice Cousin
All the year long!

Wishing Well Greetings

To wish You Happy Easter Brother

With some mighty
warm affection
and some hearty wishes too
This is sent in the direction
of a perfect Brother-

The Wishing Well
I went to the antique store yesterday with my mom and to my surprise I found these NOS (New old stock) Easter cards for just fifty cents each!  Additional bonus, the booth was 20% off, so they were even less then that.  I bought one of each design I could find.  I scanned the backs to most, but some had a blank back or just numbers, so I didn't include those ones.  Some have foil that did not scan very well, too shiny I suppose.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

100 Days

Continuing the 100 days project an Instragram challenge to do something crafty each day.  Instragram @missmissypaperdolls. Other artist art also participating so check out the #100daysofpaperdolls  Here is Day 10 through Day 18.  It's easier for me to just scan when the page is full.  Included are 2 hairstyles, 1 dress, 2 purses, 2 pairs of shoes, a top and a skirt.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Easter Paper Doll 2019

Can you believe Easter is this weekend!? Above is my lineart for this years Easter paper doll.  The bunny girl is wearing a carrot print swimsuit.  On the first page she has 4 pairs of shoes, two baskets, and 6 outfits.  The second page includes 2 more pair of shoes and 9 outfits.  I hope to color this before Easter, but no promises.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Tillie the Toiler

Here's a newspaper doll of Tillie the Toiler. She has one yellow dress.  This has some age issues, as the red color has smudged into the yellow on the dress.  dated 5-1-1932.  Artist is Russ Westover. this is from King Feature Syndicates Great Britain.

Friday, April 12, 2019

100 Day project

I am keeping up with the 100 day project, i just don't always have time to scan and post said progress. First page done, days 2-9.  This will be standard format, though some pages may have mix match top bottoms.  It is so hard for me to post to Instagram because I have to use my tablet, which I prefer my computer. Yard sale this weekend so may not post.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A Joyous Easter!

A break from the previous posts of paper doll project to share a vintage Easter card.  This card is designed by Marjorie B Harter and is from Rust Craft, dated 1948.  The inside is signed but I included a Photoshop version without the added text.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Day 6 and 7

Continuing the 100 Day Project with a second hair/wig and a second dress.   Instragram @missmissypaperdolls.