Saturday, September 21, 2019

Tillie the Toiler Fashin Parade

Here's a newspaper panel from the Tillie the Toiler  comic.  This one is dated 4-4-1937.  She as a red swimsuit (quite risque for the time) with a yellow hat and a yellow dress with green dot sleeves and skirt.  I don't believe the blue dress will fit her, but is an extra drawing.  Doll and Dress by Miss Wanda Secze Panska followed by the address.  Newspaper has discolored with age.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Boots Paper Doll

Over the summer, sometimes I got stuck at work waiting for a ride.  so while waiting, I began scanning some of my large binders of Newspaper paper doll sheets.  Above is Boots, dated from Sunday, April 19, 1936.  She has 6 lovely outfits in full color.  The text reads" By the way, this's getting to be the time of year when boots will need gobs of sports clothes"  She has a lovely yellow dress with with a collar and buttons, a green top with bow detail paired with a brown skirt, a striped yellow top with red sailor shorts, a purple dress with green bow, and two riding outfits (I think the blue one is for riding.  All are designed as if blowing in the wind, like her blonde hair. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Tally cards

Two more tally cards from a vintage scrapbook.  These date around 1933.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Vintage Tally Cards

A while ago I purchased a beat up scrapbook from an antique store.  The scrapbook dated from around 1933.  It was falling apart, so it only cost about $15. I had to have it because it had tons of these lovely deco tally cards inside (and other fun things as well).  I did my best to remove them from the album, so the back of the tally cards are damaged, but the fronts are in pretty good shape.  The first one did not scan the best because of how thick the tassel was.  I will be posting more soon. 

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Randy's costume Ball fashions

This single page  paper doll is from Katy Keene comic by Bill Woggon.  this one features Randy, a male with blonde hair.  Randy has four outfits and four hats, all costumes including Robin Hood and a prince.  This dates from 1950's.  love the colors.  I'm not the biggest fan of male paper dolls, so I don't have many, but I love costumes.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Marlene Dietrich

Here's another single page newspaper paper doll from the Movie Dressograph series published by the St Louis Dispatch.  This one features the celebrity Marlene Dietrich.  I don't believe I have ever seen another vintage paper doll set of her.  She has 3 outfits, one pair of gloves (to go with the first green dress), two hats, and a yellow collar.The page has discolored with age.  This is dated March 6, 1932.  She is so stylish, i would wear all three of these outfits today! The text reads:

"Marlene Dietrich

A different movie star will make his or her appearance in this space every week.  Accompanying will be three costumes this particular player wore in various roles she has played on screen.
Cut out the player and paste on cardboard.  then cut out the costumes.  Now dress the star in her proper outfits, being careful to assemble each costume correctly.
This week's star is Marlene Dietrich.  The three sets of costumes shown here were own by her in the these roles in the following movies:
Shanghai Lily in "Shanghai Express": X-27 in "Dishonored", and Amy Jolly in Morocco,".

Most of the Dressographs say about the same thing, with only the the last two paragraphs changed  for the name and roles, and the pronouns for the gender.  

Thursday, September 12, 2019

August theme


almost forgot to post this!  August is long over and it's two weeks into September.  The theme for this month was Royalty.  I designed three dresses with three hairstyles in black and white.  The first dress is inspired by Maid Marian with bell sleeves and a circle metal belt.  The second dress is an empire waist with embroidery detail and puff sleeve detail.  The last is fantasy inspired.  Reposting, something caused an error on the page.

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