Sunday, April 29, 2018

My Little Blue Story Book

I love vintage children's books, especially the illustrations. These pages are scanned from My Little Blue Story Book Revised Edition by The Ginn Basiscs Readers.  This is from 1961.  Not all pages or illustrations are shown here, just a few of my favorites.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Paper Doll Collaberation 2018 April Favorite Flower

So this months theme was favorite flower.  I'll admit I rushed lining this one a bit to get it done in time, so it's a bit rough around the edges.  My favorite flower to draw are roses, hence my character Princess Rose whose always wearing something like the first dress. This dress has matching shoes similar to last months shoes.  Then I drew a dress based on lily of the valley, my current favorite flower (it changes) the hat was inspired by one of my favorite artist Macota Takahashi. like this hat It was supposed to be a cloche, but ended up looking like a swimmers cap, so I drew a swimsuit with a floral print.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Winnie Winkle Fashion Film Cut-Out

This newspaper sheet features two paper dolls, Vera Ritz and Ruby Ritz from the Winnie Winkle comic by Branner.  Each character has two outfits and two hats.  This is dated 2-16-1936.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

just a note

I forgot to mention! I have a second job now! So I'm super busy!  Not sure what my schedule will be like or when I'll have time to post things.  Lately it's been mostly magazines and newspapers because that's what I currently have scanned into my computer.  I want to scan more sets but just haven't found time.  Hopefully in the summer when school is out I'll have more time to commit to it.  But I also have to prepare for the Convention in Seattle in July.  I'll do my best to keep up with the blog but school work comes first!  Thanks to all my readers! 

Brenda Starr Reporter

Here is a comic sheet of Brenda Starr Reporter (this is a copy, which is why it has a yellow tint to it).  It is dated 1948 and is from the Chicago Tribune.  The comic is by Dale Messick.  The doll is on the bottom sideways, so I posted her upright for a better view.  She has 2 outfits and two hats.  I'm sad that the lovely dress in the comic panel isn't included with the doll.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tillie the Toiler

These two Tillie the Toiler comic paper dolls have the same pose.  The first one is "Ho for the Beach" I'm sure the world is used in a different way then what we think of today!  This one has an outfit, hat and umbrella.  It is dated 6-26-1932.  The second one features a dress for a garden party which as a matching hat. This one is dated 6-19-1932.  Both dolls are by Russ Westover.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Roy Gordon

This Muny Opera Dressograph features Roy Gordon along with 3 fabulous costumes from various operas.  I believe Roy Gordon also did some acting later in life, which is where I recognize him from. The date on here is hard to read but I think it is 7-21-35.

Saturday, April 14, 2018



This single page paper doll is from Doll Making Magazine.  It is dated 1987 but was in the Fall 1988 issue.  The artist is Amy Albert Bloom.  This little baby has 6 outfits, many with matching hats and some toys and even a bed. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

All set for the Sioux Ceremonial

This single magazine sheet features 2 paper dolls, a boy and a girl, each with one costume.  The costumes are based on the Sioux Native American ceremonial costumes.  This is from Golden magazine June 1968. The artist is Neva Schultz.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Tillie the Toiler

This newspaper comic paper doll is dated 6-3-1934 and features two outfits, including a cowgirl costume with hat. 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Brenda Starr Fashion Cut-Outs

This is a copy of a Brenda Starr newspaper doll.  I'm not sure if the original was in color or not.  It is dated January 4, 1942.  The doll has pajamas and a bed. 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Curly Cowboy Fashions

This single page paper doll features a handsome cowboy along with 3 outfits and even a beard!  This is from Katy Keene created by Bill Woggon. No exact date known.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Paper Dolls by Yuko Green

This two page paper doll is not signed, but I'm pretty sure the artist is Yuko Green.  This is from Doll World magazine, but I don't recall the date, I think December based on the outfits, and probably around 1990s. The cute girl has 5 outfits along with 3 hats and 2 extra pairs of shoes.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Jane Arden's Wardobe

This newspaper sheet features Jane Arden with lots of fun costumes.  I love the green outfit on the bottom, reminds me of Poison Ivy from Batman series.  And her little cocktail dress, with a cocktail on it!  How chic!  This one is dated 4-26-1942.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Victorian Ornaments Note

Hello everyone.  Just wanted to say I've removed a post involving the book above titled Victorian Ornaments.  The copyright owner has plans to possibly republish this book in the future.  Here is a link to their website.  They are currently writing books.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter 2018 Color

Happy Easter everyone.  Here is the little bunny paper doll in color.  Black and white can be found  here.  
I will be starting a new (second) job this week and my schedule will be changing so i'm not sure how often I will be able to post on the blog.