Monday, March 26, 2012

Clothes Part 1

Like I promised some clothes for Lucy.  In black and white and in color.  The first page includes: A pair of shorts, a striped tee with a smiley face, a little black dress, a long  dress with a butterfly, a princess tank top, carpi pants with a belt, a black skirt with a belt, a pair of boots with socks, an angel shirt, a shirt with a bird and the sleeves and bottoms have been ripped, a Drama Queen shirt, another carpi pants, and boots.  The second page has:  a shirt with a pocket and frayed sleeves, a rock start spegetti strap tank, a three forth sleeve shirt with a flower, a shirt inspired by Kari from Digimon, a belly shirt with a vest, another top inspired by Kari, a overall skirt dress with a shirt, a floral skirt, a short skirt, short shorts with embellished hem, another pair of boots, a pair of shorts, a long sleeve button sweater over a shirt, and tennis shoes with socks.  More coming soon.

Description: 2 Pages of Clothing for Lucy Base Doll
Name: Lucy  Date: 2008
Artist Melissa Smith aka MissMissy
Format: hand drawn paper doll, color in Photoshop

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