Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lucy Clothes 3

Three more pages of clothing for Lucy.  She has quite a large wardrobe.  First page has goggles and sunglasses (worn on top of her head not over her eyes), suspenders, a long sleeve sweater with button accents, a low cut dress with necklace, a tiara and necklace, a sash, two Chinese style top, sandals, a belt, a corset, a scarf, ballet slippers, a skirt, and another belt.  The second page includes: a baby doll top, a button up top, a dress, flowers for the hair, a jacket, a button up skirt, a wallet, a handkerchief, 3 sets of hair berets, a long skirt with pockets, another dress, a frilly top, a baseball cap, more hair flowers, and a short button up top.  The last page shows:  a zipper sweater, a hoodie, gloves, a choker necklace with lace, sweatpants, long stockings with boots, a pearl necklace, a tiny set of watches, a tattoo sleeve, hair bows, a t-shirt dress, hair ornaments inspired by sailor moon, a pair of mary janes with socks, a over skirt, and a puffy skirt.

Description: 3 Pages of Clothing for Lucy Base Doll
Name: Lucy  Date: 2008  Publisher: None
Arist: Me! Melissa Smith aka MissMissy
Format: hand drawn paper doll

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