Sunday, April 8, 2012

Diane and Mary Carol babies

Baby paper dolls from my collection.  I am scanning in a lot right now and there are more babies in this set but I can't find them right now!  I plan on posting more soon from my collection.  For some reason Diane came with two of her in vary different tones.  She has six dresses, three where she is holding a toy. Mary carol has six outfits and a bonnet; three outfits she is holding a toy.  I do not know the date or set of these dolls.

Description: partial vintage cut set of Babies
Name: Baby Shower Cut-Out Doll Book  Date: 1942 Publisher: Whitman
Artist: Queen Holden
Format: 2 cut paper dolls and clothing items
Condition:Cut  incomplete set
This set has been reproduced by Shackman in 1985

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