Friday, May 4, 2012

barbie wrapping paper

A sheet of wrapping paper with a Barbie paper doll.  Made by Celebrations by Gibson.

Description:wrapping paper with doll and outfits
Name: Barbie Date: 1980s Publisher: Celebrations by Gibson
Format:sheet of gift wrapping paper


  1. I have this sheet as well. It shows 1987 outfits. The doll is Tropical Barbie. Three of the outfits are: The yellow hat, bodice and skirt are from #1861 The Secret of Pleasant Manor; the white jumpsuit is the original outfit for Super Hair Barbie, the little dog is from one of the Pet Show fashions, and the strapless slip is Fancy Frills #3184. There were actually two versions of the wrapping paper. One set was just the paper, the other also included a small card to attach to the gift.
    This is a photo of it NRFP. Yes, it's for sale!

  2. Some more comments. I hadn't seen the sheet opened up before. The pink skirt and bodysuit are the original outfit for Jewel Secrets Barbie. The telephone is #1980 Decorator Telephone.