Monday, May 28, 2012

Betsy Jane Gowns Colored 3

Six more lovely outfits for Besty Jane, now in color.  Top page shows: one blue dress with green detail and red hair with lace clips, purple dress with rose blush accent and dark brown hair with rosettes, and a pale peach gown with green leaf print and straight red hairstyle.  Bottom page has: brown dress with blue rickrack and light brown detail with red umbrella and hat, blue swimsuit/bathing suit with hair wrap, and a grey top with purple skirt, black belt, black umbrella and hat.

Description:Betsy Jane color pages
Name: Betsy Jane Color Date: 2010 Publisher: none
Artist:Melissa Smith
Format: photoshop colored pages

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  1. I LOVE the detail on the peach gown!! Very lovely!!