Wednesday, May 2, 2012

paper doll bag

A gift bag printed with paper dolls on both sides.  One side is three rabbits and clothes, the other is a bear and clothes. Copyright 1984 by Merrimack Publishing Co.

Description: gift bag with dolls two sides
Name: rabbits and bear  Date: 1984  Publisher: Merrimack Publishing Co.
Artist: Beatrix Potter (rabbits)
Format: bag with shiny/gift wrap like texture, printed on two sides with paper dolls

Ratings: Out of 10
Base:8 rabbits and bear are both well done and in good poses
Clothing:8 rabbits could use more costumes
Accessories:6 not many accessories
Cover:  8 interesting layout and format, sets clash slightly
Color:8 colors is nice and bright, the yellow takes away slightly
Shading/Texture:7 shading is ok, patterns are nice touch
Overall:  7.5 of 10

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