Tuesday, June 12, 2012

vintage advertisement doll

A darling early advertisement doll with bright colorful flowers. For some reason I didn't scan in the back of this doll?  Snatched her off of eBay for just a few dollars. (I think the total was about $5 after shipping cost.  She is from 1895 according to one of my paper doll reference books, making her the oldest doll in my collection (although technically she belongs to my mother) The back is an ad for Enameline from J.L. Prescott and C0. New York. For sale by all dealers (the bottom proclaims) There is a little poem printed that goes like this:

Every lady in the land
Now has a Polish at her hand,
And think it better than a bar,
More quickly used, much better far,
Easy, clean, bright of shine,
Lovley, she says,
In saving time.
None was ever seen like,

Description:antique ad doll

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  1. Hi! I am enjoying the posts on your paperdoll blog! (I found you on the paperdoll group that I just joined today.) You should add something to your sidebar so we can "follow" you. I have a paperdoll "page" on my blog.. it's at the top of my blog, under the header.