Tuesday, July 10, 2012

dolls with lace on clothes

I always thought lace on clothes were an interesting choice instead of the usual tabbed clothing.  Tie on dolls are much thicker then usual paper dolls, even the clothes are sturdier.  the lace on feature can help with fine motor skills.

Description:lace on dolls
Name: Debby Dolls Lace In-Place Date:1950s Publisher: Jaymar
Format:partial set, cardboard dolls, thick paper clothes, no tabs
Condition: cut partial set, no box


  1. I have been looking for information on these dolls for ages. I have the same set, packed away. Do you know anything about these? Where they came from? Year? Maker? Thank you so much for posting them!

    1. This Set is called Debby Dolls Lace In-Place. I do not know a date but around the 1950's. The company is Jaymar. It was a box set.