Wednesday, July 4, 2012

quint paper dolls

The Dionne Quintuplets Dolls and Costumes cut-out book (the dolls are punch out).  Includes matching dresses for each girl, five different enables including pajamas.  Reproduction set

Description:reproduction set of baby paper dolls
Name: Dionne Quintuplets Dolls & Costumes Cut-Out Book  Date: 1980s Publisher: Shackman
Format:staple book with punch out dolls on back, 4 pages of clothes
Condition: uncut reproduction

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  1. I cringe when anything to do with this horrible nightmare is shared without any mention of the horrific trauma these babies and their parents were put through. If I had the money I would buy everything that had anything to do with these Quints and give it all a proper burial. What the Canadian Government did to them, treating them like a circus sideshow, keeping them from their parents, so many people marketing so many items and profiting while car loads of people would stand by the fence to watch them play in the yard. In the end, the last survivor of the Quints spoke of her life, or lack of it. It was her story that prompted me to fact-check her story, and it made me sick. Separated from family and deprived of any kind of normal childhood just because they were quintuplets. I live across the river from Ontario and it is hard to believe they were capable of this.