Monday, August 6, 2012

Cinderella Peck-Gandre

Cinderella paper doll by Peck-Gandre part of the Enchanted Forest Series. Copyright is 1987.  Includes a 12 inch paper doll, 3 sheets of black and white dresses (6 dresses total) and 5 dresses in color, also a cape.  I included my old colored version of the dresses I did as a kid (on a copy of the bw).

Description:Peck-Gandre paper doll set
Name: Cinderella  Date:1987 Publisher: Peck-Gandre
Artist: Peck-Gandre
Format:1 heavy doll, 3 sheets of black and white clothing, 5 color outfits
Condition: cut, partial, colored pages

Ratings: Out of 10
Base: 9.5 this is one of my favorite Peck-Gandre dolls, her face and outfit are lovely
Clothing: 9 nice detail in the gowns, good range of clothing
Accessories: 8 hats to match the gowns are well done
Cover: N/A comes in a folder with window that shows doll
Color: 9 the outfits are bright, good range of tones
Shading/Texture: 10 great detail and textures and patterns
Overall:9.1 of 10

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