Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Bride

A reproduction of the classic The Bride paper doll.  She has four dresses with four hats.  She is about 12 inches tall and comes in an envelope style package. Made in England by Mamelok Press Limited.  No date on the package but I think it was made in late eighties early nineties.  The Groom and Bridesmaid are also available but I do not own them.

Description:large paper doll
Name: The Bride Date:1990s  Publisher: Mamelok Press Limited
Artist: unknown
Format:Large paper doll 12 inches with clothes in envelope
Condition: New opened precut

Ratings: Out of 10
Base: 9 the attached head is a little bothersome
Clothing: 8 four gowns, each are lovely and well detailed
Accessories: 8.5 hats match the gowns very well, veil does not fit well
Cover: N/A comes in a envelope
Color: 9 nice range of colors, dress is yellowish not white
Shading/Texture: 10 great detail and texture, painted feel
Overall:8.9 of 10

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