Saturday, October 13, 2012


Here are some links to things I like (paper doll related).  Some sites are paper doll sites, some are blogs and others are dress up sites.  I love Barbie!  You can dress her up and print out a paper doll at the end.  (a blog site full of paper dolls! also greeting cards)  (another site with paper dolls, updated quarterly I believe.  also some dolls for sale)  (so many dolls!  a great site with tons of links to paper dolls)  (lovely artist drawn dolls)  (my paper doll group on Deviant art)  (a website for Tom Tierney, a paper doll artist)  (the original paper doll artist guild, which I am a member of)  (great for buying paper dolls)  (another site for buying paper dolls)  (another site for buying paper dolls)

 More links later?  maybe


  1. Thanks for posting links, I'll check them out. I particularly love the old ones like in the last post you did. Love that style of artwork! And the Disney Sleeping Beauty, my all time favorite. Oh- and Queen Holden ones, how beautiful!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate feed back.