Sunday, October 28, 2012

Little Orphan Annie's doll

This little tiny doll is from the set, Little Orphan Annie and Mickey Cut-Out paper doll book from Whitman 1931.  I have the rest of the set, but Annie is too tall for my scanner so it will be a while until I scan the whole set.  The set I have has duplicate accessories, including another set of this doll.  Her clothes match Annie's outfits.

Description:doll accessory
Name: Little Orphan Annie and Mickey  Date: 1931 Publisher: Whitman
Format: doll and clothes
Condition: partial set, accessory

Ratings: Out of 10
Base: 8 off cut, lots of red on left side
Clothing: 9 outfits match Annie dolls
Accessories: 7 a few hats, doll is an accessory to larger set
Cover: N/A
Color: 9 good range of colors, lots of yellow
Shading/Texture: 8 clothes are a little flat
Overall:8.2 of 10

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