Monday, November 5, 2012

Costumes From Around The World

I do not speak Russian so I can't translate the countries that are represented, but some look familiar, like Japan, India, and Germany.  The doll has a front and back but the costumes do not, which seems common in Russian paper dolls.  A paper doll greeting card will be my next post.  Please answer the poll on the side for what you would like to see on my blog or leave me a comment of what kind of paper dolls you like.

Description: world costumes
Name: Costumes From Around the World? Date: 1990s Publisher: Russian
Format:8 pages 1 double sided doll
Condition: uncut ebay photo

Ratings: Out of 10
Base: 8.5 right arm bugs me a little, cute face
Clothing: 8.5 nice range of cultural clothing
Accessories: 7 some matching hats, could use some backdrop items
Cover: 7 shows doll and a costume
Color: 8.5 nice bright colors
Shading/Texture: 8 good patterns and details
Overall:7.9 of 10


  1. What looks like POCCNR sounds like Rossia and is probably Russia.
    What looks like YKPANHA sounds like Ookraina and is probably Ukraine.
    What looks like NHANR sounds like India
    What looks like KA3AXCTAH sounds like Kazakstan
    What looks like RnOHNR sounds like Aponia and is probably Japan
    What looks like APMEHNR sounds like Armyenia and is probably Armenia
    What looks like AMEPNKA sounds like Amyerica and is probably America.
    What looks like bABAPNR sounds like Bavaria.

    1. Thanks for the help with the translations!