Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Monster High dolls

Three dolls is all I have.

Robecca Steams

Rochelle Goyle
Spectra Vondergeist


At first I didn't care for the Monster High dolls.  Each one had something I didn't quite care for.  I watched the line for a while, waiting for a doll that I liked all through.  Finally Spectra came out, i loved her hair, her translucent hands and feet.  after Spectra, I got Rochelle and Robecca, each doll I love.  Rochelle is lovely with her pink hair, and her wings are very cute.  Robecca has lovely gear eyes and a very nice costume.  I might get a few more dolls.  I would like an Abbey but every one I find is covered in too much glitter. 

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