Saturday, November 17, 2012

random paper doll items

 3 dresses,no doll.  Dresses marked W, triangular tabs 1930s?

 Bettina 1920  3 dresses, two hats, and doll head.  No body!
 Polly Pepper by Queen Holden 1936.  No clothes but I might make her some.  She is a cutie.
 Dennison's doll, 1916-1922.  Jointed.  No clothing

 Some cut out dolls.
Tiny paper doll art from a set.


  1. Hello - I joined OPDAG recently and saw your blog address in their magazine. You have a lovely collection of dolls - I've enjoyed looking at some of your posts - Sharon

    1. Thank you. I am also a newer member of OPDAG and plan on submitting more paper dolls for their magazine. Enjoy the blog!