Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dionne Quints and handmade clothes

First off, here are the Dionne Quints as drawn by Avis Mac.  These are from 1936 by Whitman.  Each doll came from it's own set (I can tell because the cardboard are all a little different) and also had a joint set called Dionne Quints Wardrobe.  I haven't been able to find many photos of these sets except the cover and a few outfits. My dolls did not come with any clothing... so *dramatic drum roll* I made some!

I made four outfits for each doll (marked with the letter on the tab) a extra pair of shoes, a hat for each doll and some toys and accessories. I based a few outfits on what little I could find from these sets and the others were inspired by other Dionne Quints sets.  I used water color on medium drawing paper (buckled slightly but I think it will iron out).  It was a fun activity and I may do this for some other dolls I have who do not have outfits. 

Some tips: use tracing paper and pencils first, then transfer the design to thicker paper, this will prevent the dolls from having to be near ink or other mediums that may stain; use any medium of choice, like color pencil, oil pastel, water color, crayon, I would not recommend mediums that smug easily like chalk pastels unless you use a sealant or package them in a separate bag away from the dolls; you can also use scrap booking paper, old magazines or catalogs, or wallpaper samples to make clothing (wallpaper samples may not be acid free); you can base your designs on costumes from the set or make up your own clothing; try to avoid drawing skin when possible, this will make it easier to match colors (in this set, it was hard to avoid because I needed tab space); most important, have fun!

I may not post tomorrow also do not plan to post on Easter.


  1. Miss Missy you are Awesome! The clothes are gorgeous! Thank you sooo much for your time & effort! Love them! 💕

  2. OMG these clothes are amazing