Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Erte Fashion

This is another set by Tom Tierney, it is  from 1984 published by Dover.  I did not include all the pages. Some outfits are cut off at the edge slightly.

Name: More Erte Fashion Date:1984 Publisher:Dover
Artist:Tom Tierney
Format:scanned book
Condition: uncut

Ratings: Out of 10
Base: 8 the models look different then Tom's usual, to match the Erte style, great poses
Clothing: 9 great costumes, dramatic designs
Accessories: 8 attached items add to the costumes
Cover: 7 simple, blue cover with two dolls wearing outfits
Color: 8 colors reflect the time period
Shading/Texture: 9 great detail in the outfits
Overall:8.2 of 10

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