Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Polly Pepper Paper dolls

have 2 of this doll

So I started out with only one doll and managed to track down a set.  It is from 1939 and the artist is Betty Bell Rea. I do not have the cover, but I'm happy with the set.  Many of the outfits have matching hats.  I'm not sure if the set is complete.  Also I may not post tomorrow because it is the 9th (dating) anniversary with my fiance.

Description:children paper doll set
Name: Polly Pepper Paper Dolls  Date:1939 Publisher: Saalfield
Artist:Betty Bell Rea
Format: scanned set
Condition: cut mostly complete

Ratings: Out of 10
Base: 9.5 the dolls are lovely and very cute
Clothing: 9 nice range of outfits
Accessories: 9 perfectly matching hats
Cover: N/A
Color: 8 good range of color, faded with age
Shading/Texture: 9 nice patterns and detail
Overall:8.9 of 10

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