Monday, March 4, 2013

Traditional Folk Costumes of Europe

This set features two girls, Kristen and Margaret and traditional costumes from various countries.  This was a set I had as a child.  I recall cutting it out with my mother during summer break.  She made me write the names of the countries on the back of the outfits.Date 1984 by Dover, the artist is Kathy Allert. 

Description:costume paper doll
Name:  Traditional Folk Costumes of Europe Date:1984 Publisher:Dover
Artist:Kathy Allert
Format:scrapbook pages
Condition: cut


  1. looking at those paper dolls makes me remember my childhood where we make our own dolls using my dad's a4 paper. Thanks for sharing ^_^

  2. Cute set. I was quite surprised that there are no boys.

    1. I was as well. Usually the artist does a boy and girl not two girls.