Friday, April 5, 2013

Army and Navy Wedding Party

An original copy, not a reproduction of Army and Navy Wedding Party.  10 paper dolls and 6 pages of clothing including uniforms. I love the combination of a patriotic theme and a wedding theme.  The date is 1943.

In other news, I was surprised to get Doll Castle News in the mail the other day, since I do not subscribe at all, but hey, I love free magazines. Also finished up some more scanning of sets. Still have to get some larger items scanned in.

Description:wedding paper doll set
Name:Army and Navy Wedding Party  Date: 1943 Publisher: Saalfield
Artist: unknown
Condition: uncut original

Ratings: Out of 10
Base: 10 lovely and handsome paper dolls,
Clothing:  9 uniforms and wedding wear (the bridesmaid dresses are a bit garish in my opinion)
Accessories: 9 lots of matching hats
Cover: 10 lovely bells and red white and blue fold over cover relieving the 5 faces,
Color: 9 nice range of colors
Shading/Texture: 9 lovely shading and detail
Overall:9.3 of 10

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