Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Paper Doll Fashion Design Contest

April Paper Doll Fashion Design  Contest starts now!  Here is Sue, she does not have any clothes!  So you can design an outfit for the doll by either drawing in a medium of your choice or using photos of fashion (like polyvore) then using any photo sharing site you wish to upload your entry (facebook/pintreset/flicker/picasawebs/webshots/tumblr/) and you post a link to your entry on the comments.  Entries must be in color.  I don't want to ask for an email since I know not everyone is confident giving their email addresses out.  At the end of the contest period, (end of April) I will choose3 or 4 winners and draw the costumes they designed for the doll and give credit. Any age can enter, but if you are under 13 please get permission from a parent or guardian.  if you have any questions, please ask!


  1. my name is Cherly... i try to give Sue some clothes