Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Paper dolls on Parade

A beautiful paper doll set by the artist Gladys Rourke Blackwood.  This original book is by Saalfield, dated 1940 in Roman numerals.  It has three dolls, Sue, Ann, Pat and Pam and 8 pages of clothing (two for each doll).  I will be busy for the next few days and may not post for a while.

Description:vintage paper doll set
Name:  Paper dolls on Parade Date: 1940 Publisher: Saalfield
Artist:Gladys Rourke Blackwood
Format:scanned set
Condition: uncut original

Ratings: Out of 10
Base: 8 lovely girls, slightly strange poses
Clothing: 9 nice range of outfits, very cute dresses
Accessories: 8 hats and a few other items
Cover:  8 red and blue, with white illustrations
Color: 9 good range of colors
Shading/Texture: 9 nice patterns and detail
Overall:8.5 of 10

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  1. Terrific! I have this one cut up, incomplete. What a great find.