Monday, April 29, 2013

Some More Lalaloopsy Littles

Here are five more of my Lalaloopsy Littles creations.  I even included another boy because I think there need to me more Littles boys (only Matey Anchors right now!)  I still have a list of ideas for Littles to work on.  I will not post tomorrow


  1. Absolutely adorable!

    Absolutely adorable! Can't wait to see what you do with these.

  2. Can you do one for me?
    Name: Feather Breeze
    Born On: June 21
    Hair Color: Gray Blue
    Hairstyle:Straight/Frizzy, medium length
    Eye color: Dull Blue
    Skin: Light Tan
    Cheek: n/a
    Outfit: Sleeveless (only straps), Loose, Icy Blue, (wings)
    Pet: Cloud Bird
    Sewn from: Feathers and Down
    Personality: Feather Breeze is shy, but when it counts, can be as brave as an eagle. She uses her special wings to look for creatures in danger. Everyone would like to be her friend, but never get the chance due to Feather's shyness.
    If you need more details, reply.

    1. Oh wait, I just read you're not taking any more requests. :(

    2. I just have too many other projects to work on.