Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sleeping Dolls

the doll is too cute!

Here's a two doll set by Queen Holden featuring a sleepy eye feature.  Personally, i think these dolls look a tad creepy when the eye mechanism is in/attached.  I cannot figure out if Blinkie (bottom baby) is a boy or girl because some of the outfits seem for a boy and others for a girl.  This set is from 1945 and I often mix it up with New! Sleeping Dolls book which I believe is also published 1945.  I will upload the other sleeping eye set next post.

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  1. Blinkie is a boy, I think. It was not uncommon in the period to dress infants and toddlers in "daygowns" which you can see in some old layette patterns. You can usually tell gender by the trims, which I agree aren't very helpful here.