Saturday, July 27, 2013

Doll World 1979

cute bunny paper dolls by Carol Peters

Pat Stall

Grace Battjes, Marinanne Anderson, and Loraine Neff

Peggy Jo Rosamond and Lorraine Wood
 Here is a paper doll from Doll World 1979.  I also included a scan of  the paper doll article. Tomorrow (or the next day) I will transcribe the article text into this post.  The magazine is all black and white (except the cover)

Now for the article (which may be removed if requested... copyright belongs to Doll World and Lorraine Wood)

Paper Doll Potpourri by Lorraine Wood

Paper dolls seldom met with

In this column, I will be discussing rare paper dolls.  Rare, according to my dictionary, means :Very uncommon; seldom met with".  We all know about the antique rarities, the very old paper dolls that don't show up very often and therefore highly prized.  The paper doll rarities shown here and will discussed, however, are not that old.  In fact, they are contemporary.  They are completely handmade paper dolls created by modern day artists.  Many of them are one of a  kind and therefore qualify to be called the rarest of rare.

In a previous article i covered "original" paper dolls: the black and white renditions of modern artist.  These sets usually drawn and then reproduced.   The handmade paper doll sets, on the other had, is generally done completely by hand, in color, and is limited in edition or is one of a kind  They are not easy to come by and, if purchased, they are understandably more expensive then the black and white reproduced "original" sets.

Photo No.1 a modern paper doll drawn and painted by Pat Stall has a unique feature.  You will not in that the photograph that the doll has a brass fastener in the upper part of her hair. This enables one to swing her head from side to side and change the position of her eyes.  Mrs. Stall is an art teacher and painting is bright, beautifully shaded and most effective.

the article will be continued on the next post.

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