Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lana Turner

oops, photo upside down!
Here's the lovely Lana Turner.  This is the second set I've posted, but this set is much larger and has lots of tiny accessories and even photos!  1942 is the date and Whitman is the publishing company. Hilda Miloche is the designer of the dresses, gowns, clothes and accessories to this set but I do not know if she also drew the dolls. The weather here has been rainy (unusually for the the desert) and my allergies are acting up or I might be getting sick.  No post for the morrow, maybe not til after the weekend.


  1. Thank you for this lovely set with clothes
    by the talented Hilda Miloche.


  2. The dolls don't look like Hilda Miloche's work to me, her style is pretty distinctive. I am not an expert though on her work, by all means. Thank you for posting, this is a pretty set.

    1. Only the outfits/clothing are done by Hilda Miloche. I'm pretty sure the Lana Turner dolls are drawn by a different artist but I do not know the name of the artist.

  3. I love your blog!!! Thank very so much!!!