Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Romance Paper Dolls

there is a dress for a small doll but no doll for it.

Here's a nearly complete set of Romance paper dolls by the artist Helen Page.  Joan has been cut from the cover but is still here and she is missing one outfit.  Other then that, everything else is intact.  Prudence outfits are not shown because the digital file scan has gone missing!  Her outfits remind me of pilgrims.  A few of the dresses go off the page, like Anne's yellow gown, this is how the set is printed and not a scanning error.  The backgrounds of this set are really lovely.  These dolls were available in other sets.  I do not have a date on this set but I think (based on some loose research) it is from around 1949.  This set was published by Samuel Lowe. There will be no post tomorrow and perhaps none on Friday either.

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