Thursday, December 12, 2013

Little Flower Girls by Judy M Johnson

This set came with a letter.  The letter says:

"Little Flower Girls"

Rose and Tiger Lily's costumes have been inspired by the colors of the flowers which have named them; Rose is sweet and delicate in her pinks and whites with touches of leaf green.  Tiger Lily is bright in her sunshine colors of yellow, peach and orange with warm  green accents.
If you would like to color them, you may wish to apply them to a heavier paper (stick glue works very well) before coloring them with art pencils or watercolor.  The dolls have been printed on heavy Bristol stock which requires no further stiffening. Enjoy.

This book is an actual size reproduction of the artist's original watercolor paper doll art.  It is limited to 25 copies only.

This copy has been  hand colored by;
on This date;

Copyright 1985 by Judy M Johnson
Printed by Judy's Place, (address)

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