Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Toy Collection (new stuff)

lalaloopsy ponies

Licca Hatsune Miku

Orbital Beach Una Verse Novi Stars (wearing Winter Gear)

Family Dollar Midnight Magic Monster High clone

Lottie Dolls!

Jun Planning J-doll Artemis

Drossel Charming Nendoroid and D-Arts Elizabeth

Once Upon a Zombie Ariel (plotting to eat Pinkie Pie's ear)

Equestrian Girls Pinkie Pie

Lalaloopsy Ponies and fairies
Update on some of my doll collection. Of course, not everything new is pictured, like my newer lalaloopsy mini dolls or Sailor Moon FigureArts. One doll I really want but haven't found for a good price is the Licca Madoka.  The Lottie dolls and Once Upon a Zombie Ariel were Christmas gifts. J-doll Artemis is lovely but has really ugly shoes... Pinkie Pie is likely the only Equestrian Girls doll I will buy, I wasn't too happy with the designs of quality of this line. I wanted to get more Lalaloopsy Ponies but the latest ones are covered in glitter, which I do not like.  I plan on purchasing more dolls in the future, as well as paper dolls of course.

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